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Minnetonka Gift Guide

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I can't believe the holiday season is here already! I just got back from Thanksgiving in Maine and my little Williamsburg neighborhood is in full holiday mode lined with white lights, 'Season Greetings' signs, Christmas trees to buy and lots of loving going on (at least for those who are lucky enough). With that being said, speaking for myself (and probably you too) when I'm not distracted by those pretty things I'm filled with anxiety as to what the hell should I buy these special people in my life! If this is you too, I don't have all the answers, but if you've got a special guy in your life I can help with that: let me introduce you to Minnetonka and three of my favorite pairs of their shoes perfect for the stylish guy in your life, that also wants to be comfortable while he drinks his egg nog (preferably mixed with cognac and rum).

1. Sheepskin Moose Slipper

Color: Carmel

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This Sheepskin Moose Slipper is the perfect versatile all-day at home shoe. The first great piece is that the whole inside of the shoe is lined with fur making it a dream to walk on and as warm as you need. The piece that sets it apart though is the bottoms and their rubber grip. With this it can take you from your morning coffee, outside to feed the horses (at least for me), to the garage for extra kindling for the fire, and if the party is staying at your house, it still looks sharp with a casual sweater. 

2. Classic Moc

Color: Taupe

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The Classic Moc should be a staple already in any mans closet, so if it's not - lucky you! This shoe is suede and as comfortable as a slipper, but has more versatility on the dressier side of things. It's great for wearing with holiday attire, bringing your side dishes to the car, driving to the party, and wearing them right on inside. They've got classic driving sole with rubber grips so the brief moments you do spend outside with them you'll be good to go. It's a shoe you don't have to think about which makes any man happy. 

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If I had to suggest any shoe from Minnetonka it would be this one, the Double Deerskin Softsole. I'm a man of many shoes, and if yours is too, this is the best newest addition to his closet. The way I've been wearing these is around the house and then I'll throw boots on and bring them with me to the party to rock indoors. They are classic and they can be worn in full season party attire (minus suiting), and to boot they look damn good with or without socks, and are incredibly comfortable because of its softsole. They're made with two layers of natural Deerskin which give them a badass feel and look and also making them especially durable. 

Best of luck with your holiday shopping and I hope this was helpful! All shoes can be purchased HERE!

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